Sunday, May 30, 2010


haha guess pretty much the full and ultra peeps are still going thru:)
all the best guys,push on!:)

term tests in 1 day time=x
for studying to be exact!-.-
am i rdy?
oh brainy oh brainnnn..
r u functioning well?hahha
come on!~

my eyes are shutting soon-.-
though i am damn full...now
i will slp in 15mins time..

nxt up tri-factor: trirun~:D
first 21k for me,will definitely be a gd experience!
so yeah gonna train hard:) hehee!

gdnights world!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

:) reviving modeeee

HOHO,stupid cf daisy dogggg!
i am trying to revive it and u stalking meeeeee all along.
ji shy yi xia=xxx
anws,lets meet up soon!
study plan nxt wk:)

and yeah been rushing thru projs this few days...
totally dread last wk-.-
this wk been so far so gd,had better rest:)
tmr's airport system proj,whee aft 6pm we r done with that!

and yeah will go for either a morn run/night run tmr.
or even both!^^
see mood~

and time to get on the nerd caps!
because term tests r two wks from now=x
seeing the cargo quiz i am starting to get worried for tt sub=x
but yes i knw there is still hope,if i start it real soon.
which is right now:)

and yeah caught snow prince:)
so touching,and true genuine happiness is all abt^_^

lets dont stop the time,chase aft.it.
make full use of it:)

vertical marathon in 4days time=x
(totally not prepared,63 storeys will joslyn be able to conquer?=x)
shall see^^

sundown in 1wk 3days time:)

alrights time to do some revision for airline and then zoom to bed by 12am:)
byeeeeee dear blog:)



Wednesday, May 5, 2010

welcome to my life!


i still prefer haolianjoslyn.blogspot:)
its like my never die away cool space!

this shows tt i dont really favortise new stuffs that much.
loyal! hehe.

welcome back to my life!
haolian joslyn will be back:)
however there will be changes.
due to me stupidly change my template.
and all links gone plus no comment box.
too lazy to create that.
so guys if u happen to be here.
it will be jus a readable blog abt my life!


2 wks to vertical marathon
3wks or so to sundown!:D

rdy or not.
do the best because its YOU VS YOU!


Friday, March 19, 2010

get alive

dead blog=x

haha i shall alive u for a moment:)

its sem break.
and i am not looking forward to sem 2.1
time flies,i am going to be yr 2 soon...

swimming been one of my new sports...
still coping with freestyle.and hopefully i will master it well with another mth:)
yes i can do it.
ytd i saw two girls with a dream:cycling ard the world.
they actually cycled 24hrs from 18mar-19mar-.-
(Y) imba!

more runs coming up:
vertical marathon
and more...

need more financial support for those races=x

alright i jus realised 19th march have lots of birthday babies:
dkc(ex ec)

enough of getting alive^_^

yes i saw it,sad?kinda.
but forgive and forget

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


counting down:7 days to go.

yeah i will refurbish this space:)
new year new resolution.
as usual i will have to do a summary of 2009 on 31dec:)

for now.
2 days to merry christmas!
i wish santa will come to my house HAHA.
i want some cool present!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

HELLO BLOG,i miss u!

haha felt like typing on u.

if u asked me hows life?
i will say yeah it goes on...
and term tests r here again...

boo hoo~
sian diao.

haha tumblr makes me drift from u=X
make sth more fun!

and yay i am 18,forget to tell u.
i have yet to learn driving:(
i have yet to go clubbing:(
i have yet to caught a m-18 movie:(

so how do i consider i am 18?-.- -.-

byebye blog.
i will come and find u again.
need to turn in le:)


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blogger i miss u:(:(
its been sometime i use u!=XXX

things ard me has been happening pretty fast.
cant seem to stop it.
too fast=x
i wish i could make every single moment of it the best!

And Sem 2.1 has begin...
its another new term:)
time for some refreshments to get myself rdy for the upcoming sem:D

i am so bothered by my cds now:(
i am in sociology which was supposedly to be my first choice...
somehow or rather i dont feel RIGHT in that=x
but add/drop cds application failed me twice:(
friday is the last day?
maybe i should jus spam them right?!

Nike human race:2days~
i can do it:D
thx guys for the night run,for pushing me and motivating nonstop for the 10km plus dist!